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I help companies understand and implement their brands.

A meaningful diagnosis is the basis of every good strategy. No clear strategy can be arrived at without knowing the causes of the success or failure of a brand. Only by establishing know-how in the brand management processes is it possible to to undertake rigorous implementation. Regular examination of the quide rails and supervision measures help to keep a brand on course.


Value perceptions are key factors for the impact of a brand. We investigate self-image, competence and purpose. This is set against brand affinity, as well as anticipated use and sense. The demands on the strategy are formulated in tangible terms.


The guide rails for everyday work are obtained from the true values and performance of a brand. Clear parameters in the daily handling of a brand ensure stability and continuity. The brand becomes comprehensible and implementable for everyone in management.


Implement the brand's guiding principles internally and also make it binding for external stakeholders. We formulate briefings for implementation partners worldwide and set out clear interfaces for strategically connecting with proven agencies or marketing and sales service providers as well as ensuring overall order.


Practitioners and controllers are responsible inhouse for the everyday details and their approval. We also accompany and ensure, when desired, the following practical steps, with continuous recourse to the brand’s guiding principles and timeline.

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