At the heart of these is the concrete and comprehensible formulation of values and attitudes, a well as the development of qualitative differentials of the brand to employ in everyday work.

Development of guiding principles for a bank

SERVICE AREA STRATEGY I examined the existing guiding principles of a private bank regarding language and content. I deliberately questioned the statements in the guiding principles on the basis of the brand value and scrutinised them for substance and durability. The guiding principles were subsequently restructured and reformulated and and underpinned with living examples.

Positioning for an online trading company

SERVICE AREA DIAGNOSIS / STRATEGY In a two-day workshop I, together with the owner and management team of an online fashion trader, developed the basis of a brand. What was achieved was a description of the core competences, the specific service offering and the brand value. Subsequently, I drew up a selection of agencies for the company and accompanied the design process. Within a few weeks, a complete relaunch was achieved, from brand definition to implementation in design and store systems.

Brand strategy/brand hierarchy for a private bank

SERVICE AREA DIAGNOSIS / STRATEGY / IMPLEMENTATION For a Swiss bank I developed a brand strategy based on extensive interviews with members of the board and management regarding the sense, purpose and goals of the company. Supplemented with structured inquiry into the values of the brand,  these insights flowed together into a brand strategy. Simultaneously, two additional brands, until then independent, were  integrated into the overall hierarchy. Subsequently, the briefing for the creative agencies  was drawn up and I accompanied the selection and design processes.

Brand hierarchy for a pharmaceutical company

SERVICE AREA DIAGNOSIS / STRATEGY For an internationally operating, family-owned pharmaceutical company I assembled and analysed its internal and external brand world. All brands were catalogued in tiers and categories and prepared for close scrutiny.  Starting from this status quo, workshop scenarios for the evolution or revolution of the brand hierarchy were developed. The visualisation and description from the scenarios is intended as guidance to the the board of management in the further development of the brand strategy. 

Brand extension (conservative) for a pharmaceutical group

SERVICE AREA STRATEGY / IMPLEMENTATION I accompanied the strategic business unit of a pharmaceutical group in the further development of a closely associated brand that today has market visibility.  The challenge was the use the reputation of the master brand while at the same time branding the specific competence of a business area. In discussions and workshops with decision-makers I, with the client, developed a submission to the board. The convincing integration into the overall architecture was the core element of the submission. I also accompanied and evaluated the the creative agencies design proposals with regard to their fit with the brand strategy.

Brand extension (progressive) for a pharmaceutical group

SERVICE AREA STRATEGY A pharmaceutical group faced entry to a new market. A decision was required as to whether to operate a designated organisation as a department or as an independent brand. My task was to accompany the strategic process. For this purpose, I investigated and evaluated the preconditions and consequences of both possibilities. As a brand expert, I took care of communicating the topic to the higher ares of responsibility in the group  and provided clear guidelines during the process..

Brand review for a private bank

SERVICE AREA SUPERVISION A year after its brand relaunch, I was commissioned by the bank to examine the implementation of the brand strategy. Using a scoring model, all measures concerning communication and image were evaluated. It was important that the measures both for raising awareness and differentiation of the brand contributed. It was also investigated in which value dimensions the brand already impacted well and where there was still potential. The results were combined for further strategic and operative planning in a presentation for the board and management.

Jubilee concept for a family-owned company 

SERVICE AREA STRATEGY The jubilee of a major German family-owned company was  was not to simply serve as looking back, but was also to be a milestone for the future. My task was to outline the various concept options.  The design team I supervised devised the graphic proposals in parallel.  The approved concept was worked out in detail and prepared for the implementation by the creative service provider.

Brand coaching walk

SERVICE AREA BRAND SPECIAL For three days, I went walking in the Bavarian Prealps with the owner of a marketing service company. Beforehand, we had set out the topic clearly. After the motto, movement also means movement in the brain, we during the walk developed four different strategic perspectives prioritised for a planned realignment. During the walk, we condensed these into a concrete solution. The closing written abstract retained these insights and serves as a guidance for action.

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