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The following articles cover topics around brand management. They give an insight into my way of thinking and working as a brand coach.

Brand management in a family-owned company

And emotion commands all

Emotionalising the brand – this advice to family-owned companies is also brought up with increasing frequency.Brand managementin family-owned is subject to special conditions and leads to special conclusions.   READ MORE

Brand Personality

A brand personality is decisive

A brand has an identity.  Knowing how this identity is perceived is only made possible with effective brand management. Analysis of the value metrics of a brand personality replaces costly market research and delivers clear development recommendations for brand management. READ MORE

Brand Identity and Brand Culture

In the beginning was fire

Strong brands are like a camp fire around which people gather and exchange stories and experiences. Modern brand managers encourage this dialogue, thereby strengthening the brand.  READ MORE

Innovation and Differentiation

Nothing is as lasting as change

Technological, demographic and social development transform society. That means new demands on one’s brand strategy. The important elements have to be reexamined and adapted.  READ MORE

Family-owned companies and Brand Heritage

The future needs a past

The transfer of fixed and liquid assets is usually clearly regulated when succession  occurs in family-owned companies. But what is the situation where passing on brand capital in the form of values and attitudes?  READ MORE

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