Brand Personality

Developing a brand personality

The goal of brand management is the optimal application of the means for effective brand impact. Brand profile analysis makes it possible to measure attitudes towards  a brand personality. The findings obtained make a valuable contribution to optimisation of the brand strategy.

Strong brands have strong personalities. Such personalities are important when purchasing decisions are made, and is only meaningful for purchasers when brands are able to satisfy both practical and emotional needs. Thus loyalty grows from attractiveness. This relationship proves particularly stable, for example, when a car brand is chosen: just try persuading Mercedes customers of the merits of an BMW. But this brand-value relationship applies to all purchasing decisions. It counts for your brand as well.

The art of brand management thus comprises the clear presentation of own value perceptions, so that they are experienced as an attractive offering. In competition, these lead to rapid and clear acceptance. Over time, a loyal and emotional affinity emerges.

You can use this effect for your brand management as well. The value perceptions regarding the brand are measured with brand profile analysis and clearly presented. Information is gathered using an online questionaire. Perceptions of the capabilities are presented and commented on in a brand profile report. Concrete development possibilities can be derived for B2C or B2B brands as equally for employer brands. 

Brand profile analysis

  • shows how a brand personality is really perceived  
  • can be conducted online in about 20 minutes
  • is a scientifically validated process
  • can be applied at any stage in the strategic process and
    can be regularly evaluated subequently  
  • is suitable for B2B, B2C and employer brands
  • provides concrete support when putting together or
    optimising a brand strategy
  • is a tool for enhancing the value of your brand

Findings are presented to the brand responsibles in personal discussions. Where do the results match own perceptions, where do they diverge? What are the reasons? 

Subsequently, the necessary strategic measures are developed in an individual brand coach programme. This can, for instance, be the development of tangible positioning, formulation of values or a living set of guiding principles. But wholly practical measures, like communicating the findings within the company, or in an internal workshop on better brand understanding, can accompany evaluation. 

The impact of the brand will be decisively enhanced, substantive competitiveness strengthened.

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